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Just Like a Movie

Good day, Everyone! Hope your weekend is going great so far.

I just wanted to say a quick hello and share a few pictures we took today.

Sometimes, just like a movie, fashion is better in black and white. Subtle yet bright, it’s the perfect transitional palette to take you from winter to spring. Again, in my opinion there’s no colour combination more timeless than black&white, creating unimaginably bold optical illusions that’s both flattering and fun.

Hope you enjoy it!

DSCN0052 (4)DSCN0055 (2)DSCN0056 (3)DSCN0065 (2)DSCN0074 (3)DSCN0076 (4)DSCN0079 (2)DSCN0081 (2)DSCN0089 (6)DSCN0091 (3)

H&M woolen coat | HEINE woolen dress |  FORNARINA blouse |  H&M (for kids) woolen scarf |  H&M leather glowes |  PIECES leather waist belt |  ESPRIT clutch |  LAMICA leather ankle boots | CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses.

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