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Gray Day

When I buy new clothes  I always try to find these items with most ‘natural material’ such as cotton and wool. The reason is simple: your skin is able to breath.  Quality over quantity. My advise would be: buy a few key items made of ‘natural material’ and mix and match your clothes. Sometimes less is more -and easier. Wool is one of my favourite materials to wear during the autumn and winter season of course because you stay warm in a natural way. DSCN0130 (5)DSCN0128 (2)DSCN0142 (4)DSCN0136 (3)DSCN0138 (4)

LEVI’S woolen dress |  DEPT fake fur collar |  HEMA woolen arm warmers |  HEMA knitted tights |  BON’A PARTE ankle boots | FRANS MOLENAAR handbag |  H&M fake fur keychain ball |  RAY BAN sunglasses


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