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Rainy Days

Good morning and happy Monday, Everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Today’s outfit is not really colorful, but very weatherproof.

If you ask me there are plenty of ways to look stylish while sheltering from the elements.

Now that it’s January it’s raining a lot here, so I wear my raincoat frequently.

(Houndstooth is on trend this winter and, judging by its past, a timeless print.)

I hope you enjoy it.

DSCN0300 (2)DSCN0303 (3)DSCN0304 (2)DSCN0306 (2)DSCN0307 (2)DSCN0310 (2)DSCN0319 (2)DSCN0323 (2)DSCN0329 (2)DSCN0335 (2)RSCN0344 (2)RSCN0349 (2)RSCN0350 (2)RSCN0345 (2)

SOAKED IN LUXURY raincoat | ONLY crop top |  BENETTON pencil skirt |  H&M leather glowes |  RAPISARDI ankle boots.

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