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Vibrant Bright

Many women are afraid to experiment with color. Have you tried to go through your closet and find the most colorful pieces you own, and think about which color pairings complement each other?

Here a few tips and tricks for mixing bright colors:

Vibrant jewel-tone colors look great together–some of my favorite color combos include pink and purple, yellow and royal blue and electric blue with orange.

Add color with your accessories. Bright bags, jewelry, scarves, and shoes are versatile pieces that will add pop to your look.

Makeup is another great way to experiment with color: coloured eyeliner and popping shades lipstick are my favorite ways to experiment with bold hues!

Be careful with the number of colors you mix at once. Wearing three or even four colors at once can create an incredible look, but I recommend stopping there. Mix five or more colors and you’ll risk looking like a rainbow explosion.

Experiment with loud outfits, go crazy and have fun!DSCN0386 (2)DSCN0389 (2)DSCN0391 (2)DSCN0392 (2)DSCN0397 (2)DSCN0401 (2)DSCN0403 (2)DSCN0406 (2)RSCN0412 (2)

FRENCH CONNECTION woolen coat | H&M woolen fringe jumper |  H&M leatherlook legging |  Fake fur shawl (old) |  H&M leather glowes |  LAMICA ankle boots |  FRANCESCO BIASIA handbag

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