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The Leather Pants

Those trends we can never get enough of! No matter how much we keep on doing them… Over and over and over again, and still not enough… Such is the case of the leather pants trend: instant hotness, empowerment, and sleek sophisticated vibe all over you!

Long gone are the days when this trouser style was a bikers-only and rock-chick staple. Today, not only we’ve made it sporty-rock-office-casual-evening appropriate but also any season, any age, any style, any look appropriate.

It’s all about finding a great pair of leather pants with a cut and style to fit your body and matching them to certain tops and shoes to get that effortless somewhat polished look.

DSCN4996 (2)DSCN5000 (2)DSCN5004 (2)DSCN5008 (2)DSCN5010 (2)DSCN5011 (2)DSCN5012 (2)DSCN5013 (2)DSCN5014 (3)DSCN5030 (2)DSCN5031 (3)

H&M woolen coat |  VILA woolen long cardigan |  H&M leather look top |  AMERICA TODAY long shirt |  PROMISS leather double belt |  H&M leather look pants|  H&M leather gloves |  BURKELY leather bag |  H&M leather pee toe ankle boots |  CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses

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