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Ruffles & Pleats

Could it be that ruffles or pleats are too girly?

Not if you love frilly, lacy, and delicate clothing. I love the feminine, romantic style. I think a bit of it will make an outfit more feminine and less stiff, making it look like you’re having loads of fun with fashion. I wore my favorite leopard print bomber jacket and my snake print boots just to add that extra pop to my outfit.

Another obsession of mine is Crystal Noir by Versace. It’s one of the most beautiful fragrances in the world, sensual and dark. The first moment I wore it, I knew definitively that I had found my signature scent.

DSCN5983 (3)DSCN5990 (2)RSCN5992 (2)RSCN5994 (2)RSCN5995 (2)RSCN5997 (2)DSCN6004 (3)

VERO MODA ruffled chest blouse |  ESPRIT ruffle skirt |  ONLY leopard bomber jacket |  MJUS snake print ankle boots |  BURKELY bag |  D&G sunglasses.


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