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Color Cocktail

The color of your favorite cocktail, the color of coolness and freshness… It’s all about the color of mint. A softer shade of green and turquoise, mint green is a great hit for the up and coming seasons and I can’t get enough of this fresh shade! Minty fashion is everywhere, from clothing to accessories, from makeup to nail polish. For adding a pop of color to my look I chose for my Francesco Biasia orange  bag and orange earrings .

RSCN6450 (2)RSCN6452 (2)RSCN6455 (3)RSCN6456 (2)RSCN6460 (2)RSCN6461 (2)RSCN6462 (2)RSCN6464 (2)RSCN6467 (2)

VILA blouse |  C&A pants |  RALPH LAUREN belt |  WHY NOT sandals |  FRANCESCO BIASIA BAG |  RAY BAN sunglasses.

DSCN6425 (2)

Laguna by Salvador Dali is one of my go-to summer fragrances. A well blended mix of creamy vanilla, subtle coconut flesh and citrus, powdery and retro. A wonderful complex summer fragrance! The bottle is a work of art. The glass has a beautiful turquoise translucence to it.

BLOG Collage turquoase orange

Inspiration (from top left): DESIGUAL blouse |  PEPE JEANS denim |  H&M bracelet set |  LYDC LONDON handbag |  RIMMEL no.873 “Breakfast in Bed” nailpolish |  GIOSEPPO sandals.

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