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The Ethnic Embroidery Dress

Good morning, Everyone and happy Sunday!

Fashion is cyclical and old pieces that yesterday stood in our mother or grandma’s closet are hip again. Take the Romanian blouse, “ia” for example. The ia is often described as a representative piece of Romanian folklore. Feminine, colorful like Romania itself and very beautifully decorated. Each region has its own patterns and colors. There are some initiatives that push for reintroducing the representative cultural elements back into society, with a modern twist, obviously, so it’s easier to catch on or create a trend.

 Today I’m styling this lovely summer dress from H&M. As you probably know, my country of origin is Romania. So when I first saw this dress I had to think immediately about the Romanian blouse. Too bad it’s already sold out, though I’ve seen similar ones around. I totally love the combination of blue, orange and black and especially the beautiful embroidery and cute tassels… It’s so comfy and airy and it’s the easiest thing ever to just slip on in the morning without having to think about it.

Ethnic Embroidery Dress fashion blogger

The Romanian "Ia" fashion , the Romanian "Ie" fashion

Embroidery Dress H&M

Bohemian dress, Boho dress, Ethnic dress

accessories bohemian, accessorie boho, accessories etno

saddle bag fashion blogger

Carmen de Jong fashion blogger

Ethnic Embroidery Dress fashion blog

Bohemian Embroidery Dress fashion blog

Bohemian Embroidery Dress fashion blog

Carmen de Jong fashion blogger

Laced up sandals fashion blogger

Lace up sandals fashion blogger

H&M embroidery dress |  H&M scarf |  ESPRIT lace-up sandals |  KIOMI saddle bag

How to wear bohemian style

Inspiration: DERHY embroidery dress |  MICHAEL KORS saddle bag |  RALPH LAUREN scarf |  RIVER ISLAND lace-up sandals |  KONPLOTT bracelet



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