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Lace It Up

Good morning and happy Sunday, Everyone!

I just wanted to say a quick hello and share a few images from our trip to Arnhem, yesterday. Since I knew we were going to be walking quite a bit, I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy. I got the lace-up shirt I’m wearing in today’s post, two weeks ago and haven’t had the chance to wear it before. I realy love this beautiful shade of green, it works with a variety of colors, brown in particular, I think. I completed the look with my new Sisley shorts, some lace up flats and a cute mini cross-body bag. What I particularly like about wearing these two colors together is how beautifully they complement each other and also what a soft combination they make!

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Carmen de Jong fashion blogger




ARMA leather jacket |  H&M silk lace up top |  SISLEY shorts |  MY LADY cross-body mini bag |  ESPRIT lace up sandals |  RAY BAN sunglasses


A favorite store of mine is Dille&Kamille, such an amazing place to come and forget about time… I love the lighting, the smell, the layout, the variety, and more. If you want home decor, fancy bathroom soap, candles, loose spices, loose teas, specialty baking items, toys, cookbooks, etc this is the place. It’s really the best gift place you could go. I can’t wait to have a need to go back. Even if just for the relaxing scent when you walk in.


DSCN7635 (2)

DSCN7641 (4)


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