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For me, except flying, the act of travel itself it’s something from which I get a lot of joy. Be it a modern high speed train or an old fashioned steam train, to me, the most fascinating aspect of train travel is watching the world pass you by. Each of the villages that I see are people’s homes. All of those people have their owns thought, jobs, family’s, problems and joys, feeling and being irreplaceable. If they were to leave these towns, they would miss them with the same fervor that I miss my own home.

It’s a truly amazing way to capture the spirit of a people and a country. 

P.S.: Sometimes, I use to fantasize about a year-long round-the-world trip for my 60’s birthday…I believe that almost everybody at one time or another has fantasized about throwing caution to the wind and taking the world by storm. 

What about you guys, did you ever seriously thought about making a round-the-world trip?


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