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The Black Blazer

Good morning, Everyone and happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going great so far!
This is yet another one of my outfits comprised entirely of old and new favorites. Most of them you’ve met before, I’m talking about the Zign sandals I’ve been wearing pretty much this summer (see post here) and of course the Even & Odd silver mini bag ( see posts here, here, here and here ) . Honestly, I think I love them both a little too much! Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to my newest acquisition, this versatile C&A blazer. A black blazer is definitely a wardrobe staple, the perfect way to add
  polish and edge to almost every look imaginable. For today’s look I chose to pair the blazer with a simple black strapless top and boyfriend jeans. I then added a pair of heels and silver waist belt and cross-body bag, for a hint of femininity.

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C&A blazer |  ONE GREEN ELEPHANT jeans (similar here and here ) |  H&M strapless top (I also love this one ) |  ZIGN sandals |  EVEN & ODD (I also love this version and  this one ) |  CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses (I also love this one )




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