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Oh my Blush!

Hello Everyone and happy Wednesday! How is your week going so far?

Today I would like to take the opportunity to talk about two of my favorite makeup products:

  • Maybelline Babylips Balm & Blush # 01 Innocent Peach;
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Anniversary Lipstick Rock’n Roll Nude # 54.

review maybelline babylips innocent pink, review rimmel kate moss rock'n roll no.54

I am not a huge fan of foundation or wearing a lot of make up in general. My daily make up consists of blush (or bronzer for the summer), liner, mascara and lipstick.

I think most women skip blusher because it can be quite a scary product. It can be difficult to know what colour to go for, where to put it and how to apply it.



So why wear blusher? What is it for? Well, blusher can literally be the difference between looking healthy or not.

I don’t think blusher should match eye makeup or lipstick. It’s about complementing your makeup but mostly about brightening your complexion. The trick is to choose shades that are in the same colour family without being too matchy, and you can do this by choosing products that have the same undertone (warm undertone vs. cool undertone).



I personally prefer a cream blush. The shinier and glowier the skin, the better! So, here are some tips for wearing cream blush that will make it your new best friend, regardless of your skin type. Because not only is cream blush actually easier to use than you may think it is, but it can also improve your makeup game.

Your fingers are the perfect tool for applying cream products. Start with just a little bit of product, and layer it up to your desired intensity. The best part about cream blush? Just tap the same blush you used on your cheeks onto your lips for a perfect match!


Every woman needs an amazing nude lipstick in her makeup bag – an easy, go to, “your-lips-but-better” color which works for day or even evening. I’ve always loved a nude lip.

Nude lipsticks have been around for quite sometime. I think nude lips look great with smoky eyes and it is a look that I will never get tired of.

So, these are my two favorites for this spring. Please feel free to email me with any questions! 





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