Hand Care tips with Rituals


Hello Everyone and happy Sunday! I hope you enjoy the weekend just as much as I do!

always get all kinds of compliments on how nice my hands or feet look, so, for today I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss my hand care ritual a bit.


Here’s what I do to keep my hands soft , supple and hydrated: 


  •  For me, one of the easiest ways to remind myself to moisturize is to place tubes of hand balm in my kitchen and bathroom. This way, whenever I wash my hands, I rehydrate my skin immediately.


  • Anytime I exfoliate my face I exfoliate my hands too. It sounds so simple but it really works!


  • I always carry around a small tube hand balm in my handbag to moisturize on the go.


  • I never go to bed without moisturizing my hands.


Recently, I started using the Rituals Miracle Scrub and the Rituals Ginkgo’s Secret Hand Balm  and I absolutely love this products! The Miracle Scrub was actually my first hand scrub and I was amazed with the results. The Ginkgo’s Secret hand balm  is a lush, deep moisturizing hand cream with shea butter, ginkgo biloba leaf and ginseng root extract. The scent is soft and warm, a very comforting scent. My hands feel healthy, & renewed. This hand balm does everything it promises!


 Here you will find a few more tips to take care of your hands:

– wear gloves anytime you use cleaning products or when gardening;


– in cold weather, wear gloves when you go outside;


– protect your hands with sunscreen;


– pushing back your cuticles is the best way to care for them.



 Not everything has to be difficult. Simple things can make a big difference. Hand care is very similar to any beauty routine. Just try to find what works for you and be consistent.






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My Essentials

Hello Everyone and happy (almost) 😉 weekend! I hope you are all enjoying your Friday! 

I love the classic look! That’s why  today’s blog post is dedicated to not one but three (!) wardrobe classics: the beige trench coat, the relaxed fit jeans and the white blouse. For me, these items are the workhorses of any well-dressed woman’s wardrobe, providing the foundation for many outstanding looks.There’s something so effortlessly chic about  these classic and timeless key items! And let’s be honest: you can never go wrong with a beige trench coat and a pair of jeans.

 I think it’s definitely worth investing some money in these closet essentials, because they will never be out of style – promise!

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WE trenchcoat, similar |  ONE GREEN ELEPHANT relaxed fit jeans, similar |  AMERICA TODAY long blouse, similar |  EKSEPT striped top, similar |  ZIGN shoes, similar |  ZARA bag |  RAY BAN sunglasses, similar

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Double Leopard


Good morning Everyone and happy Thursday! How is your week going so far? I just wanted to say hi and share a few new pictures from last weekend.


In my opinion, the only thing better than leopard print is… double leopard print! I really love animal prints, they have such a fun effect when they’re mixed and matched. To balance the volume of these two patterns, I made sure to mix in a lot of neutrals and basics to make this fun outfit super wearable.


And, can we talk about puppy Jolie for a second? She really steals the show today, isn’t it?

DSCN6182 (1)

double leopard blogger, how to wear leopard blogger how to wear double leopard blogger

RSCN6210 (1)


 RSCN6203 (1)

RSCN6205 (1)

DSCN6183 (1)

SAINT TROPEZ leopard print coat, similar here |  ONLY leopard print blouse, similar here |  BIK BOK pants |  ESPRIT belt, similar here |  CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses, similar here |  BURKELY bag, similar here

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Pink * Feminine Energy

One of the most popular colors for Spring 2017 is pink. Dusty pink, candy pink, baby pink, raspberry, fuchsia, peach, magenta and deep cherry pink provide a pretty new way to see fashion through rose-tinted glasses.

For today’s look I paired this beautiful  MbyM  trench coat in dusty salmon shade with a pair of  flared jeans and sneakers for a casual look . I absolutely love the  maxi quilted scarf in the same color, it really elevates the whole look to another level.

Chasing the White Rabbit - fashion blog by Carmen de Jong







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MbyM trench coat |  BENETTON jeans, similar here |  LACOSTE sneakers |  COTTONFIELD top, similar here |  ARMA bag, simiar here DOLCE&GABANNA sunglasses, similar here

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Sequin Denim

Good morning Everyone and happy Sunday! I just wanted to say hi and share a few new images from ous visit to the Vlindorado butterfly garden, yesterday.  

Last week I noticed  these pair of jeans (with reversible sequins on the front!) in  the H&M online store  and just couldn’t resist the urge. I mean, I never had a pair of sequin pants before but what a fabulous  item to have in your closet!

Sequins are undergoing a major comeback, so be on the lookout for more of it soon! For this look, I decided to pair the jeans with a black ruffle top. To finish off the look, I chose black ankle boots and an oversized bomber jacket.

sequin jeans, sequin pants, sequin denim

Chasing the White Rabbit - fashion blog by Carmenhow to wear sequins blogger, how to wear sequins



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You have to remember though that sequins are a big statement. So it’s imperative you keep the rest of your look very minimal and stick to neutrals.

What trends do you spy being a big thing in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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H&M black ruffle top |  H&M oversized bomber jacket |  H&M sequin jeans |  BANANA REPUBLIC ankle boots, similar here |  CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses, similar  here





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Another Black & White

Hello Everyone and happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far?

Since we haven’t shot any outfits in the past few days (oh, how I hate the flu!), I found this older look we shot a few weeks ago to share with you.

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you may already know how much I love  to create a contrast clothing combination, often by wearing black and white outfits.These outfits can be either dressy or look casual. If you love this combination  as much as I do, try to keep everything sleek and simple, while make accessories shine and glitter; everything depends on your imagination and event. Hope you enjoy!


dscn5918-2Chasing the White Rabbit - fashion blog by Carmen de Jong

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HEMA dress (sold out) similar here |  PRIMARK white blouse, old, similar here |  ZARA corset belt |  TOM TAILOR DENIM handbag |  H&M dot sheers, old |  BANANA REPUBLIC ankle boots,  alternative here |  CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses, old, similar here

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Oh my Blush!

Hello Everyone and happy Wednesday! How is your week going so far?

Today I would like to take the opportunity to talk about two of my favorite makeup products:

  • Maybelline Babylips Balm & Blush # 01 Innocent Peach;
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Anniversary Lipstick Rock’n Roll Nude # 54.

review maybelline babylips innocent pink, review rimmel kate moss rock'n roll no.54

I am not a huge fan of foundation or wearing a lot of make up in general. My daily make up consists of blush (or bronzer for the summer), liner, mascara and lipstick.

I think most women skip blusher because it can be quite a scary product. It can be difficult to know what colour to go for, where to put it and how to apply it.



So why wear blusher? What is it for? Well, blusher can literally be the difference between looking healthy or not.

I don’t think blusher should match eye makeup or lipstick. It’s about complementing your makeup but mostly about brightening your complexion. The trick is to choose shades that are in the same colour family without being too matchy, and you can do this by choosing products that have the same undertone (warm undertone vs. cool undertone).



I personally prefer a cream blush. The shinier and glowier the skin, the better! So, here are some tips for wearing cream blush that will make it your new best friend, regardless of your skin type. Because not only is cream blush actually easier to use than you may think it is, but it can also improve your makeup game.

Your fingers are the perfect tool for applying cream products. Start with just a little bit of product, and layer it up to your desired intensity. The best part about cream blush? Just tap the same blush you used on your cheeks onto your lips for a perfect match!


Every woman needs an amazing nude lipstick in her makeup bag – an easy, go to, “your-lips-but-better” color which works for day or even evening. I’ve always loved a nude lip.

Nude lipsticks have been around for quite sometime. I think nude lips look great with smoky eyes and it is a look that I will never get tired of.

So, these are my two favorites for this spring. Please feel free to email me with any questions! 





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Leopard print to the office? Yes!

Hello Everyone and happy Sunday! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

In the last few years, leopard print has really moved on to a whole new level. This wild print is nothing to be afraid of and, done right, looks super-chic.

But it’s one thing to rock this animal print when you are out on the town with the girls, but can you pull it off in the workplace? Yes. Leopard print is one of the boldest animal prints a woman can wear to the office. You don’t have to avoid it. Let’s take for example this pretty blouse from Only. If you want to make it the focal point of your outfit, just  keep the color combo simple with soothing neutrals  such as nudes, browns, black, dark navy blues and olive greens. Keep everything else you’re wearing simple to avoid creating too many distractions.

Chasing the White Rabbit - fashion blog by Carmen

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dscn6149-1golden pumps blogger, golden pumps office, how to wear golden shoesdscn6152-1





WE Fashion jacket |  ONLY leopard print blouse, sold out, similar here |  ZARA high waist jeans |  ZIGN pumps, sold out, I also love this alternative |  FRAN MOLENAAR bag, old, similar here and here |  CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses, similar here


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Retro Vibe

Good morning Everyone and happy Monday! I just wanted to say al quick hello and share a few new pictures. 

For today’s look I choose for a vintage inspired look wearing this gorgeous and uber feminine A-line Expresso dress. I’m a big fan of color blocking, I think it’s a great way to add interest to a simple design. It’s also a fun way to play with color. To finish the look I paired my dress with big black sunglasses, over the knee boots and a fake fur stole.

If you love bright colors, stripes, polka dots and retro silhouettes please take a look at the Laura Biagiotti | Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show. I just love it! 

What about you guys, what do you think about the retro look? 

P.S.: Happy Valentine’s Day (tomorrow)!

Carmen de Jong - fashion blogger Chasing the White Rabbit blog

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EXPRESSO dress |  NAF NAF fake fur stole, sold oud, similar here and here |  TAMARIS over-the-knee boots, old, similar here |  FRANCESCO BIASIA bag, old, similar here |  CALVIN KLEIN sunglasses, old, similar here


Summer legs are made in winter

For the majority of women warm weather means sunshine, shorts, bikinis and… shaving! If you fear warm weather because of the additional skin exposure, laser hair removal is a good option to consider. Winter is the perfect season to undergo the treatment, starting now allows time to complete a course in time for summer!

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It’s been 5 years  since I started using my own IPL Philips Lumea hair removal at home!  I love the fact that I can do this in the comfort of my own home and without the big cost of laser treatment.  The device has innovative light-based technology called IPL, which works by applying gentle pulses of light to the hair root, therefore resulting in natural hair shedding over time and hair growth becoming inhibited. The treatment is effective for most people and is very safe. It works with all kinds of hair, except gray hair. Will the hair grow back? Well, to be honest, all I get is some occasional “peach fuzz”. So, twice a year I need a touch-up here and there but the overall effects of the procedure are lasting.





MISS SELFRIDGE leather sandals |  PHILIPS LUMEA Precision Plus

I would really, really recommend this to anyone who either hates shaving or  waxing, or has thought about laser hair removal as it’s a much more comfortable, easy, pain-free & a more affordable alternative! (Purchasing one of these can feel like a bit of a splurge, but if you were considering going to a salon, it’s far more cost effective).
What about you ladies, did (or would) you try this beauty gadget?